What Is An H.M.S Brand Ambassador?

An H.M.S brand Ambassador is a woman who is classy, sassy and exudes confidence. She maintains a fashionable lifestyle and keeps up with the latest trends. Some view her as a BOSS while others simple view her as a great all around person. An H.M.S Ambassador fully understands that the brand is more than luxurious hair, its about empowering women of all ages, shapes and sizes.


What Are The Perks To Being A Brand Ambassador?

As a brand ambassador you will be able to:

  • earn commission on the sales you bring in
  • receive exclusive discounts on our products
  • receive free products
  • be the first to know about new releases.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Brand Ambassador?

As an H.M.S Brand Ambassador you are responsible for:

  • Meeting sale goals by acquiring new/returning customers
  • Using social media to promote the H.M.S. brand (strong social media following is preferred but not a must)
  • Promote the brand via word of mouth and on social media
  • Consistently provide us with top quality photos/videos
  • Assist in educating others on the different types of virgin hair and hair products
  • Must wear Her Mane Seduction virgin hair
  • loves the camera

How Do I Become AN H.M.S. Brand Ambassador?

For your chance to become a brand ambassador, please send an email to info@hermaneseduction.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • City, State
  • Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Perascope and or Instagram profile names
  • Two head shots
  • One full length picture showing us your style of fashion
  • One short video or brief paragraph explaining why you would be the best brand ambassador for Her Mane Seduction

(women of all ages, shapes and heights are encouraged to apply)


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